Hi, I'm Tori Hord, 
Visual Designer and Professor based
out of North and South Carolina.

While I generally swoon over all things design, typography has a special place in my heart, closely followed by logo design, branding and good sweet tea. My goal as a visual designer is to construct engaging and creative experiences that inspire and help others understand the importance and effectiveness of well thought out, beautiful design. 
As designer and an educator I consider inspiration to be an integral pillar of both design practice and education. Inspiration sparks creativity, evokes motivation, and facilitates progress. Design is about finding creative solutions to problems, but simply imparting tools and skills is not enough. Ultimately, it is moments of inspiration that turn skills and tools into creative and successful design. Therefore, constructing an environment that creatively empowers and inspires is the most valuable thing that I can give my students and it is my hope that providing this will encourage them to create thoughtful, successful, and inspiring design solutions.
I am currently available for freelance work and am always looking for opportunities to create something new, so if you have a project you think I would be a match for, get in touch! Or just say hi, I like that too.